Alligator of the Southern United States

ISBN: 978-1-936913-07-7

American Alligator of the Southern United States (Including Information on the American Crocodile and Spectacled Caiman): A Guide to Its Natural History. This informative natural history guide is an excellent resource for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts. It describes all three crocodilian species found in this region of the United States.

The guide also features color photos that make it ideal for field use. Fascinating facts on ecology, adaptations communication, and life as an alligator are highlighted. Common and scientific names, length, distribution, habitat, behavior, diet, reproduction, and status are described.

Tips on field identification and living safely with these giant reptiles are also presented. The 12 panels of this laminated and waterproof guide fold up into a handy pocket-size, making it sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in the field.

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Timothy Walsh
About Timothy Walsh

Timothy J. Walsh became actively involved in herpetology at the age of ten and has maintained an obsession ever since. At age twelve, he was mentored by Dr. Jim Layne of Archbold Biological Station and was co-author of his first scientific publication at age 14. Tim went on to receive a degree in Zoo Animal Technology and has worked in the zoo, aquarium and museum field since 1992. He held the position of Senior Herpetologist with the Tennessee Aquarium and as Collection Manager with the Chelonian Research Institute and has been involved in a variety of research projects with such species as Carolina diamondback terrapins, spotted turtles and Suwannee cooters. Tim has a Masters Degree in Museum Studies with research interests in conservation education, history of natural history, and reconnecting children and adults alike with nature. He is a member of the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, an avid outdoorsman, accomplished photographer, and book collector.

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