Birds of Central Texas

ISBN: 978-0-9824905-32
Author: Greg Lasley

Birds of Central Texas is a 12-panel, folding, laminated, waterproof guide to the common and notable birds species of central Texas, roughly defined as the area between Waco and San Antonio as well as extending well into the Texas Hill Country to the west and into the Blackland Prairie Country to the east toward Houston.

The guide is geared toward the beginning to intermediate bird watcher or nature observer and provides some of the basic information helpful to identify the 119 species covered.

Each species is illustrated with a color photo, typically of a male, and contains basic information about the size of the bird, its habitat, identifying features and season to be expected. This handy guide will easily fit into a shirt pocket or glove compartment so you will always have the information with you

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Greg Lasley
About Greg Lasley

Greg first pointed a camera at a bird in 1971, a Horned Lark at Great Salt Lake, Utah, while he was in the U.S. Air Force.

By 1976, as a novice, but enthusiastic bird-watcher, he became interested in documenting appearances of rare birds by photographing and tape-recording them. 

From the late 1970s until the late 1980s, most of Greg’s wildlife photography focused on documenting rarities and obtaining slides of birds to illustrate his lectures for Audubon Societies or other nature-oriented groups. 

In 1983, Greg took over the editorship of the Texas Region for American Birds, later known as Field Notes, and now known as North American Birds, a publication of the American Birding Association.

Greg continued to be the Texas co-editor of that publication through the year 2000 and was the Secretary of the Texas Bird Records Committee of the Texas Ornithological Society from 1986 until 2000.

Greg also served on the Bird Records Committee of the American Birding Association for two terms, ending in 2005. Greg’s photos have been published in more than 200 different books and magazines.

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