Arizona Rocks

Rocks occur in many different forms, from common and plain to rare and beautiful. Arizona Rocks is designed to provide the user with the basic tools for mineral and rock identification, as well as provide a pictorial guide to some of the more interesting and important types of rocks and minerals found in Arizona.  Concise explanations are given for each, including hardness, colors, most common crystal shapes, and unusual features associated with each. 

This waterproof, pocket-sized quick reference also contains information on proper collection and documentation of specimens you may find, and rules and regulations concerning such activities. Detailed mineral identification is often accomplished only in a lab, but many rocks and minerals may be identified through the combination of hardness, color, and unusual characteristics presented in this guide. Collectors of every level will find this information helpful. Arizona Rocks is a useful and attractive addition for any rock collecting activity!

Size: 4”x 9” folded; 9” x 24.5” unfolded.

ISBN: 978-1-954018-29-7

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