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Jeanne Murphy, a professional wildlife biologist is happiest when teaching about nature through educational workshops/eco-tours, capturing moments in time through nature photography or just exploring nature at leisure. After pursuing a bachelor degree in animal science and graduate courses in ichthyology, Jeanne has since spent years traveling and mapping wetland and upland habitats throughout the United States as well as working as a government wildlife biologist educating the public about the importance of natural systems and their inhabitants. Now, Jeanne excitedly co-owns Sensing Nature® (a Florida environmental education, ecotourism and educational nature products company) with her husband Brian Lane. As a certified instructor for the University of Florida’s Florida Master Naturalist Program and as an active community member, Jeanne believes that we can all make a positive difference in tomorrow’s environmental successes.

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Wildlife of Florida

Author: Brian Lane and Jeanne Murphy

ISBN: 978-1-936913-02-2

“CoverHow do you know wildlife is there if you don’t see it? This practical, educational guide is an excellent resource for interpreting the signs and clues that wildlife has left behind. Great for outdoor and nature enthusiasts of all ages.

This conveniently sized guide features color photographs of some of Florida’s common and elusive mammal, reptile, bird, and amphibian species and their key identifiers most likely encountered — tracks, scat, or signs.

Common and scientific names, size dimensions of wildlife and tracks, and other field signs are described in this guide. Field identification assistance and educational tips are also presented. This pocket-sized, 12-panel, laminated, waterproof guide is great for outdoor adventures.

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