Butterflies of Missouri

Butterflies of Missouri:  The Show-Me State has a variety of regions to explore for butterflies, including the Ozark Mountains, the Missouri and Mississippi River Valleys, and the Osage and Northern Plains.  More than 190 kinds of butterflies have been reported from Missouri.  The resident butterflies are mostly a mix of midwestern and southern species.  

Beautifully illustrated are 59 species of true butterflies and 25 species of skippers, and their caterpillars.  Ideal for the field, this folding, waterproof guide features color photos of the butterflies and caterpillars in a side-by-side format.  Common and scientific names, adult size, season when they can be found, and their caterpillar host plants are listed.  Tips on finding butterflies and caterpillars are given and the life cycle of the Gulf Fritillary is illustrated.

Featured are some familiar butterflies such as the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Orange Sulphur, Red Admiral, Mourning Cloak, Monarch, and Silver-spotted Skipper as well as less well-known species such as the Falcate Orangetip, Olympia Marble, Harvester, and Baltimore Checkerspot.

Teachers, students, and nature enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy using this guide.

ISBN: 978-1-943334-97-1

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