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Peppers: From Sweet to Heat

The health benefits of peppers, both sweet and hot, are widely known. They’re packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, and they’re low in calories. And then, there’s the varieties of flavors—from the sweet to the heat!

This guide is an easy-to-use visual reference to a wide variety of peppers and includes a handy introduction to the Scoville Scale to show you where each pepper ranks of the scale of sweet and mild to hot, hotter, and hottest. There’s also Information on when to harvest the ripened fruit, and suggestions on how the fruit is commonly used in the kitchen.

Whether you’re a gardener looking for purely ornamental plants, a backyard farmer looking to plant and harvest for the table, or the chef shopping for the perfect spicy note for tonight’s dinner keep this handy, folding, laminated guide in your shopping bag for your next trip to the garden center, the produce aisle or your farmer’s market.

ISBN: 978-1-943334-57-5

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Alligator of the Southern United States

American Alligator of the Southern United States (Including Information on the American Crocodile and Spectacled Caiman): A Guide to Its Natural History.

This informative natural history guide is an excellent resource for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts. It describes all three crocodilian species found in this region of the United States.

The guide also features color photos that make it ideal for field use. Fascinating facts on ecology, adaptations communication, and life as an alligator are highlighted.

Common and scientific names, length, distribution, habitat, behavior, diet, reproduction, and status are described.

Tips on field identification and living safely with these giant reptiles are also presented.

The 12 panels of this laminated and waterproof guide fold up into a handy pocket-size, making it sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in the field.

ISBN: 978-1-936913-07-7

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