Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals of Texas

Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals of Texas provides a quick reference to the more common and interesting animals that lived within the State’s boundaries over the past few hundred million years. This colorful guide is organized as a trip through time, starting with trilobites and other early invertebrates, through dinosaurs, and ending with ice-age mammals.

Names, their meanings and discovery dates, and facts concerning each animal are provided. This pocket-sized guide features photographs of specimens, journal illustrations, and skeletal and life model reconstructions of the various animals included in the guide. Emphasis has been placed on the position of Texas through geologic time in order to provide the appropriate tie between animals from a particular time period and their environments.

The information presented ranges from basic to technical, and enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy using this guide.

ISBN: 978-1-732875-24-1

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