Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Southern Coastal Plain

The possible benefits of wild plants for human health and well-being are extensive! Early settlers from England and Europe brought their
knowledge of edible plants and medical treatments with them to the New World. Indigenous peoples too developed a widespread knowledge
of edible and medicinal plants. With this pamphlet you can use this valuable information to find the common species present in the Region.

Additional information included in this guide includes:

  • Habitats where desirable species are located
  • How to harvest plants in an environmentally sustainable manor
  • Become aware of the plants that are poisonous to touch
  • Identifying poisonous plants that may also be encountered With this guide you will look at the plant life around you in a whole new light!

This 12-panel guide, conveniently folds up in to a packet narrow enough to fit in a back pocket, glove box or backpack yet sturdy enough to stand up to outdoor use—durable lamination also makes it waterproof.

Size: 4”x 9” folded; 9” x 24.5” unfolded.

ISBN: 978-1954018266

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