Night Sky: A Guide to Our Galaxy

This informative guide is an excellent introduction to the stars, constellations and nebulae that make up the visible sky at night. Nearly two-thirds of Americans no longer live in a place where the Milky Way, our home galaxy, is visible after dark. This guide not only shows you when it is visible, but also describes its major features and where to travel in order to see it.

The guide contains three maps showing the evening sky four months apart, covering the entire year. Major stars and constellations are shown in each along with the position of the Milky Way. Information is given for how to spot these features during the night and any time of year. A fourth map highlights specific details of the summer Milky Way, the most spectacular sight anyone can see without need of a telescope, or even binoculars, under naturally dark conditions.

In addition, we also provide a map of the United States showing where the darkest locations are and under what conditions the Milky Way and a sky full of stars are still visible. If you are planning a trip to a national park, where night sky programs, are some of the most popular programs offered to the public, or are looking to identify where the closest place to see a meteor shower or just enjoy the natural beauty of the Milky Way stretching from horizon to horizon, this guide provides what you are looking for.

ISBN: 978-1-943334-00-1

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Cannabis: A Guide to Common and Exotic Strains

Cannabis: A Guide to Common and Exotic Strains provides a look at 80 cannabis strains and how to identify them based on look and aroma. From testing data from dispensaries and growers we are able to provide THC ranges and CBD percentages when available.

Included in this guide is also general information on how each of the strains may help those who use them based on the lineage and strain type. It may never be possible to have a “complete” guide since cannabis breeders are adding new and exciting strains daily. This pocket-friendly guide is a great introduction to this versatile plant.

This 12-panel guide, conveniently folds up in to a packet narrow enough to fit in a back pocket, glove box, or tackle box yet sturdy enough to stand up under repeated use—durable lamination also makes it waterproof.

ISBN: 978-1-943334-93-3

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Peppers: From Sweet to Heat

The health benefits of peppers, both sweet and hot, are widely known. They’re packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, and they’re low in calories. And then, there’s the varieties of flavors—from the sweet to the heat!

This guide is an easy-to-use visual reference to a wide variety of peppers and includes a handy introduction to the Scoville Scale to show you where each pepper ranks of the scale of sweet and mild to hot, hotter, and hottest. There’s also Information on when to harvest the ripened fruit, and suggestions on how the fruit is commonly used in the kitchen.

Whether you’re a gardener looking for purely ornamental plants, a backyard farmer looking to plant and harvest for the table, or the chef shopping for the perfect spicy note for tonight’s dinner keep this handy, folding, laminated guide in your shopping bag for your next trip to the garden center, the produce aisle or your farmer’s market.

ISBN: 978-1-943334-57-5

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Wildflowers of the Southern Rocky Mountains

Encompassing a multitude of National Parks, Monuments, National Forests and Wilderness Areas, the southern Rocky Mountains are celebrated for striking alpine scenery and contain the highest mountains in the Rocky Mountain system.

A dazzling display of native wildflowers cloaks meadows, mountains, forests and streams in this region that stretches from southern Wyoming through Colorado and into northern New Mexico.

Striking color photographs portray a cross section of this rich diversity, with text describing key identifying features such as size, habitat and blooming period with reference to similar species.


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Reptiles & Amphibians of Colorado Plateau

A guide featuring 49 of the most commonly encountered reptiles and amphibians native to the Colorado Plateau region of the southwestern United States. Some of the rare and more unique species are included to underscore the biological importance of this interesting biome.

The most current taxonomic and common names are used in this guide to assist the enthusiast in keeping abreast with the many changes in this dynamic field.

This guide covers the following National Parks and Monuments; Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches, Black Gunnison (Black Canyon area), Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Aztec Ruins, Canyon De Chelly, Canyons of the Ancients, Cedar Breaks, Parashant, Escalante, El Malpais, El Morro, Hovenweep, Navajo, Natural Bridges, Rainbow Bridge, Sunset Crater, Vermillion Cliffs, Walnut Canyon, and Wupatki in addition to many wilderness and protected areas.

Full color photographs and descriptions keying on important characters will help inexperienced and seasoned outdoors people to identify the animal. Species are grouped by similarity to each other which aides in quick comparisons of one animal to another.

Accompanying the photograph is information on distribution, behavior, diet, and size of each species.

ISBN: 978-1-936913-72-5

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