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Dr. Hollingsworth is the Curator of Herpetology at the San Diego Natural History Museum and an Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University. He has over 20 years of experience studying the amphibians and reptiles of the southwestern United States and northwestern México. His field studies focus on the evolution and biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles found in deserts, high mountains, and on islands. At the Museum, Dr. Hollingsworth curates the extensive natural history collections that help document the biodiversity of California and Baja California. In addition, he has helped develop museum exhibitions, teaches classes, and has authored numerous publications regarding the amphibians and reptiles found in his region. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and natural history photography.

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Snakes of Southern California

Author: Bradford Hollingsworth

ISBN: 978-1-936913-82-4

“CoverSnakes of Southern California: This fact-filled identification guide is an excellent resource for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts.

It describes 26 species of snakes commonly found along the coast, mountains, and deserts of Southern California, including 6 venomous snakes. The guide also features color photos that make it ideal for field use.

Common and scientific names, average adult size, habitat, diet, and behavior are described. Tips on field identification and safety instructions are also presented. The 12 panels of this laminated and waterproof guide fold up into a handy pocket-size, making it sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in the field.

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