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George L. Heinrich is a field biologist and environmental educator specializing in Florida reptiles. A graduate of Memphis State University, his research interests focus on anthropogenic threats to Florida’s non-marine turtles. His company, Heinrich Ecological Services, is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and conducts wildlife surveys and research, natural history programming, and nature-based tours. George is an invited member of the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, served twice as co-chair of the Gopher Tortoise Council, and is the founding president of the Florida Turtle Conservation Trust. He has worked for a number of years on the conservation of gopher tortoises and has studied the ecology and conservation needs of diamondback terrapins as part of a University of North Florida research team since 1995. George has received a number of awards from state and regional NGOs for his conservation work, the most recent being the Golden LEEF Award for Outstanding Contribution to Florida Environmental Education from the League of Environmental Educators in Florida.

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Snakes of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Author: George Heinrich

ISBN: 978-1-936913-05-3

“CoverSnakes of North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia: This fact-filled identification guide is an excellent resource for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts.

This guide describes all 44 species of snakes and features color photos of each—including 6 venomous snakes—making it ideal for field use. Common and scientific names, average adult length, habitat, diet, and behavior are described. Tips on field identification and safety instructions are also presented.

The 12 panels of this laminated and waterproof guide fold up into a handy pocket-size, making it sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in the field.

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