Birds of the Great Plains

The Birds of The Great Plains is a quick and easy to use, light-weight, durable,all-weather field guide to the inspiring and incredibly varied birdlife inhabiting the States of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.Stunning digital photographs depict more than 125 species of common and notable birds, enabling users to identify nearly every bird they encounter—day or night—within the guide’s extensive area of coverage.

Whether seeking waterfowl, forest birds, Bald Eagles, garden birds, or neotropical migrants along the mighty Mississippi river and its floodplain; setting your sights on the colorful variety of warblers nesting in or migrating through the region; embarking on a trip to Cheyenne Bottoms, or on a business trip to Lincoln, Overland Park, Oklahoma City, and points between, you’ll be glad to have this booklet.

Designed to satisfy the needs of birders of all interest levels—but especially beginning and intermediate users trying to “make sense of it all”—this beautiful and amazingly informative six-fold guide will be an indispensable field companion on all outings.This affordable guide will serve as a lasting memento of any trip and will conveniently fit into a daypack, pocket or glove-compartment, facilitating easy field identification— whether in a Lincoln garden, a business trip to Oklahoma City, on a family vacation to Topeka, or a serious birding trip visiting all the best birding hot spots within a tri-state region.

ISBN: 978-1-943334-09-4

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