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Spiders of Texas

From Tarantulas to Meshweb Weavers, the spiders of Texas are varied and fascinating! Learn to recognize many of them with this durable laminated twelve-panel guide that folds up conveniently to fit in a pocket or pack. Perfect for the casual observer, gardener, homeowner or curious naturalist, it serves as both a general introduction and a useful reference.

Colorful photographs illustrate 100 spider species, including several of both male and female, in side-by-side comparisons with descriptive text highlighting size, habitat, and web type.

Representative webs are also shown, together with information about silk, venom and hunting techniques.

A small section features other arachnids, such as the Vinegaroon, Scorpion, Harvestman and Tick.

ISBN: 978-1-936913-88-6

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Wildlife of Texas – Tracks, Scats and Signs

How do you know wildlife is there if you don’t see it? This practical, educational guide is an excellent resource for interpreting the signs and clues that Texas wildlife has left behind. Great for outdoor and nature enthusiasts of all ages. This conveniently sized guide features color photographs of some common and elusive Texas mammal, reptile, bird, and amphibian species and their key identifiers most likely encountered — tracks, scat, or signs.

Common and scientific names, size dimensions of wildlife and tracks, and other field signs are described in this guide. Field identification assistance and educational tips are also presented. This pocket-sized, 12-panel, laminated, waterproof guide is great for outdoor adventures.

ISBN: 978-1-936913-03-9

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